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The Ministry for Social and Family Development has declared 2021 as the ‘Year of Celebrating SG Women’ to acknowledge the contributions of women across multi-faceted roles that weaved the beautiful success story of Singapore.

“Take a breath and make time for yourself.”

Mind Science Centre joined in the celebrations with something to contribute right up our alley – ‘Mental Resilience in Women’.

In our brand-new Mind booklet, let’s place our focus on women’s climacteric period – Midlife. Evolutionarily, women’s ability to care may have equipped them with higher social-emotional sensitivity. This sensitivity could place them at a higher risk of emotional issues having to survive the fast-paced modern world and the challenges that follow.

During midlife, most women are expected to be juggling their various social roles, in an attempt to balance family and career. Social-cultural norms seem to pressurize them to put others’ needs at the expense of their own. As such, when things go awry, they may internalize the problem and go down the spiral of self-blame. On top of the psycho-social stressors are the physical and emotional turmoil of the menopause, which places an extra challenge to women’s wellbeing in midlife.

Therefore, it is of importance that women learn the ways to be compassionate towards themselves and attend to their own needs. With this key purpose in mind, our in-house clinical psychologist – Joy Chen, crafted the booklet contents to highlight the multiple challenges women face in this transition period and shared some self-compassion tips for women to take good care of physical and mental wellbeing in this phase of life.

That being said, we would like to acknowledge that through the powerful shaping of nature and nurture, men do have their unique sets of challenges across different life stages as well, which is beyond the scope of this booklet.

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