Mind Science Centre is pleased to support a concert to raise awareness for Dementia. Titled “Remember Me, Living with Dementia”, conceptualised by a group of warm-hearted volunteers, providing insight into the world of people affected by dementia.

With Dementia cases expected to triple by 2030, there is an urgent need for upstream prevention and evidence-based programmes for healthy and active ageing in the community.

MSC’s 10-year longitudinal study, the Jurong Ageing Study (JAS), investigates the efficacy of interventions such as mindful awareness practice, art therapy, music reminiscence, horticulture therapy, choral singing etc. in delaying the onset of dementia and depression. The Age Well Everyday (AWE) Program (previously named Dementia Prevention program) was conceived from the results of the JAS. AWE is carried out at several community centres across Singapore, including RSVP Singapore.

At the heart of AWE are the volunteers – some want to be better caregivers themselves. One volunteer who has a mother with advanced Dementia shared: ” I used to get impatient…she would experience sudden mood swings, affecting me as well. But nowadays, I adapt to her mood swings (as I understand more about what she is going through) – this programme is very beneficial.”


In order to train more volunteers, an e-learning portal was recently launched in collaboration with Stroke Support Station (S3) and SUSS. We need your support to keep up with the increasing demand for more AWE programmes as well as more volunteer trainers. To show your support for the cause and sign up to become a volunteer trainer, please click HERE for more information.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased via SISTIC

To make a donation online, please click HERE.


“Remember Me” is a theatrical music performance comprising of songs, drama and educational dialogues. Through vignettes from the emotional journey of Amah Lucy, who struggles to come to terms with dementia and its consequences for her family and her sense of identity, the audience is transported into the world of people with Dementia from an individual perspective.

Production Cast

Producer: Mary Anne Tan
Music Director: Elaine Chan
Stage Director/Multimedia: Brian Gothong Tan
Script writer: Edgar Liao
Choreographer: Richard Chia
Stage Management: Benjamin Chee
Lighting designer: Yip Zi Xi


Catherine Sng, Audrey Luo, Sugie Phua, Richard Chia, Fleur Loh, Phang Kok Jun (special erhu appearance), Khor Ai Ming, Gerald Yong, Marguerite Ng, Richard Tiong, Jason See, Rennard Ho and Ma Zhuo Si Tong