AWE Webinars & Workshops

Ad-hoc Workshops

Handphone Photography Workshop for AWE Volunteers

15 Age Well Everyday (AWE) Volunteers gathered at Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab) on the morning of 17 September to pick up some tricks to capture professional-looking photos with their smartphones. During the 4-hours workshop, the volunteers learned the basics of photography, followed by some hand-on practice to take scenic photos at the butterfly garden, next to MAELab.

This trial workshop for the AWE volunteers from various community partners, is funded by Mind Science Centre and will be an optional workshop for them to introduce new content to their respective AWE programme seniors.

AWE workshop

Mini AWE

To mediate the impact of extended isolation on our AWE senior participants, MSC team pooled the resources to organize mini AWE sessions, which included AWE content refresher and upcoming workshop’s introductory teasers.


31 July 2021

The session started with a Mindfulness Awareness Practice (MAP) session led by MSC mindfulness trainer Ms Joy Chen, followed by a health talk on Pandemic Fatigue and Mental Health by Prof Kua Ee Heok. The session also included a virtual tour of our Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab) and a photography workshop by Mr Peter Yeo. Watch the video to find out more

14 August 2021

Since 10 August 2021, the Singapore government has loosened the restrictions and we are inching towards our envisioned new normal once again. We were glad to be there for our AWE seniors and to engage them with horticulture, handphone photography, and therapeutic rainforest workshops. Check out the video to recap what you’ve missed!


16 May 2020

During the circuit breaker period, mini-AWE sessions were held online for existing AWE participants. Seniors who are not existing participants can follow the uploaded videos to keep active at home. The session included Mindfulness Awareness Practice (MAP) led by Mrs Wee Geok Hua, a health talk by Prof Goh Lee Gan, a talk on therapeutic horticulture by NParks, and a HongYi Meridian Exercise session led by Mr Adrian Lau Hong Yip.

23 May 2020

The 3 areas covered this week include ways to combat anxiety & keep active by Prof Kua Ee Heok, Mindful Awareness Practice led by Mrs Wee Geok Hua, and a workshop on Horticulture: Make your own soil fertiliser using ingredients at home by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (KMSPKS).

6 June 2020

The session started off with a Mindful Awareness Practice by Mrs Wee, followed by a Health Talk by A/Prof Rathi Mahendran, and a music reminiscence segment by Malika from Eunos CC. Watch the video to find out more!

20 June 2020

The 4th session of the AWE programme conducted via Zoom covered the following areas: Mindful Awareness Practice by Mrs Wee, Health talk on stress and insomnia by Prof Goh Lee Gan, Therapeutic horticulture (pandan propagation) by NParks, and Music Rythm by RSVP Singapore. Please feel free to watch video to recap what you miss.