Rating Scales & Clinical Instruments


Mind Science Centre has developed the Singapore Youth Resilience Scale (SYRESS). SYRESS is a comprehensive measure of resilience in adolescents, which reflects the multi-faceted components of resilience. It encompassed all the underlying mechanisms separately measured by other regular scales, while keeping it concise and easy to administer it.

The content of the scale was first derived from an exhaustive review of literature including various related resilience scales. A focus group comprising of researchers, child psychologists, pediatric psychiatrist and content experts from both local and international, were gathered to review the content of the established scales and identify what were the key question items to be included in the new scale. The derived scale items reflect the global underpinnings of resilience with cultural relevance to Singapore.

After a series of evaluations and expert panel reviews, the initial 166 items were gradually narrowed and culminated in the final prototype scale of 84 items. These items were then categorized into 10 defined domains.

Following which, SYRESS was validated on a group of secondary school students in Singapore aged 12 to 16 years old in 2011. The validation showed that SYRESS demonstrated sound psychometric properties, with good internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Click here to find out more about SYRESS.