MAELab’s Art & Mind Grant 2022

MAELab’s Art & Mind Grant recognises the integration of arts and mental health as an emerging yet fast-establishing interdisciplinary field. Opening avenues for discussion and expanding understanding of the various intersections of arts and mental health, this grant empowers both professionals, students, artists, and/or academics to delve into new pilot projects. Ultimately, MAELab hopes to bring translational research into the community. This year’s grant looks to award three professional and two student category recipients.

Research themes

MAELab’s Art & Mind Grant is open to all research themes that focus on the integration of artistic and mindfulness/ mental health components with strategic consideration for applications which focus on the following priority areas:  

  • Emotional Resilience  
  • Youth Mental Health
  • Ageing Well among Elderly 
  • Nature and Mindfulness 

The Successful Proposal stands to receive

  • Professional Category

$12,000 in Funding and an additional $2,000  honorarium for successful publication of evidence-based research (subject to meeting publication requirements of Impact Factor 1.5 and above) 

  • Student Category

$4000 in Funding and an additional $500 if it leads to the successful completion of a school-based academic thesis/ final year project. 

Submission Requirements

  • Completed Application Form
  • Completed Budget Form for the usage of the Grant
  • Literature review on the field/medium selected 
  • CVs of team members involved 

Relevant Documents

Guidelines: Download here

Application Form: Download here

Budget Form: Download here


MAELab’s Art & Mind Grant is open once a year. 

3rd  October 2022

Interested applicants are required to fill up the application form provided and send all supporting materials to by 3rd  October 2022, 2359 (SGT). Please include the submission category (professional/student) in the subject line of the email. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Outstanding information about team members/collaborators that cannot be submitted with the application must be submitted once available.

Previous Recipients

2021 Edition

Dr Daphna Arbell Kehila – Arts-Based Program for Home-Based Care Dyads in Singapore

Find out more 

National Gallery Singapore – On-going 

About Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab)

MAELab, an initiative by Mind Science Centre, is an innovative space for the discovery of creative and integrative interventions through art, mindfulness, and transdisciplinary research to promote mental wellness and enhance the quality of mind. Through this space, we seek to raise awareness of mental health, evoke embodied reflective moments and provide an experiential journey that allows internalisation of learning with personal relevance.