Tow Tiang Seng Distinguished Lecture

The Tow Tiang Seng Distinguished Lecture Series brings internationally and nationally eminent and respected thought leaders to speak on issues of key importance to developing mental resilience across all ages. Established in 2019, the lecture supports the Mind Science Centre’s mission to innovate mind health with biological and social science through translational research in the community to build an undefeated mind. From businessmen and scientists to political figures and celebrities, each event is unique and designed to inform, inspire new ideas and spark collaborative interest. The lecture series is made possible by the generous donation of Mr Tow Heng Tan, in honour of his father – the late Mr Tow Tiang Seng. It is held annually and open to anybody with an interest in mental health to attend.

Upcoming Lecture

6th Tow Tiang Seng Distinguished Lecture - The View in Autumn

MAELab’s Art & Mind Grant recognises the integration of arts and mental health as an emerging yet fast establishing the interdisciplinary field. Opening avenues for discussion and expanding understanding of the various intersections of arts and mental health, this grant empowers both professionals, students, artists, and/or academics to delve into new pilot projects…

Past Lectures

5th Lecture - Ageing with Dignity

The Age Well Everyday (AWE) program for dementia prevention has a pervasive theme of Dignity. This lecture traced the genesis of the program, evidence-based data and translational significance. The Community Health and Intergenerational study focuses on ageing-in-place and the Therapeutic Rainforest research is about health benabiod and possible impact on prevention of climate warming.

4th Lecture - Arts for Mental Health

In this edition of Mind Science Centre’s (MSC) key event – Tow Tiang Seng Distinguished Lecture Series, we celebrated World Mental Health Day the unique way with our webinar audience of 464 on the rainy afternoon of 10 October. We were honored to have our Patron – Mrs Teo Poh Yim, with us on the webinar to launch of our little gift of positivity to the world – ‘Singing in the Rainforest’ Music Video.

3rd Lecture - Speaking Up for Mental Health

In this edition of Mind Science Centre’s (MSC) key event ‘Speaking Up for Mental Health’, we celebrated the launch of ‘Profiles in Resilience’, a book sharing stories of resilience from 20 amazing individuals; and heard the inspiring story of an undefeated mind from Professor Jeremy Monteiro – our 3rd Tow Tiang Seng Distinguished Lecture Guest Speaker.

2nd Lecture - The Ecology of Longevity: TCM & Biomedical Perspectives

This event was held on Saturday, 7 November 2020 via zoom webinar, and was attended by more than 250 esteemed guests and donors of Mind Science Centre. The Tow Tiang Seng Lecture Series was made possible by the generous contributions by the Tow Family, and MSC would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Tow and family for the support for our programmes and research in mental health.