Growing up in the midst a fast-paced urban society, Singaporean youth contend with a wide range of growing up demands and challenges. In this transitional age from dependence to independence, it is important for us to recognize that developing meaningful relationships with peers and mentors, as well as how each young person’s unique hopes and aspirations play a critical role in building emotional resilience. Open channels of communication within a family can play an important role in youth’s mental wellness as well.

The new Mind + Parent booklet – Raising a Resilient Child, succinctly summarized the key scenarios and strategies parents or caregivers can use in their daily interactions with their children, to instill positive coping methods from young.

Danielle Seah, one of the authors of this booklet, was featured on The Straits Times Health Check podcast, where she talk about what parents can do to help build resilience in children. Listen to it here!

These strategies are based on the Mind Science Centre’s Singapore Youth Resilience Scale (SYRESS), which is a validated profiling tool that detailed the key 10 domains of resilience building that youths can tap on to cope with and overcome life stressors.

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