Today, one in 10 seniors who are aged 60 and above in Singapore has dementia. With increased life expectancy and a rapidly ageing population, we expect dementia cases to triple by 2030. It is therefore important to raise awareness of dementia and focus efforts on prevention.

A series of studies on cognitive stimulating activities for community-living elderly, led to the development of the Age Well Everyday (AWE) programme, a holistic and evidence-based dementia and depression prevention programme that emphasises preventive medicine in the community, by the community, for the community. A structured programme encompassing Health Education, Exercise, Mindfulness Practice, Art & Music Reminiscence, and Horticultural Therapy, which can be delivered by volunteers, is designed to delay cognitive deterioration, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase socialization – thereby delaying the onset of dementia and improving the quality of life of seniors.

To increase training capacity for volunteer trainers and bring the programme to a wider audience, the AWE E-Learning Training Course was created in collaboration with SUSS UniLEARN and Stroke Support Station. The e-learning program replaces the earlier face-to-face teaching sessions provided to volunteers and allows interested volunteers to acquire knowledge and skills, at their own pace and time. It comprises 6 online modules on lifestyle management, dementia, depression, stroke and caregiving, 2 face-to-face sessions on Mindfulness Practice and a webinar session with qualified healthcare professionals.

Participants who have completed the AWE E-Learning Training Course can sign up for an additional Teaching and Facilitation E-learning module to be certified as an AWE volunteer instructor. For more information, contact us at pcmbox6@nus.edu.sg. Interested individuals can sign up at https://forms.gle/WwMaZ6hmLTJ4hGJ68