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Ageing with Dignity

A 10-year Study on Positive Ageing and Dementia Prevention in Singapore

Kua Ee Heok | Rathi Mahendran


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“Ageing with Dignity describes how the concepts of empathy and the need to recognise the dignity of the elderly – ill or well – can be translated into practice. It should be read and used as a source of inspiration and as a manual for action, worldwide.”

Professor Norman Sartorius

Former Director of Mental Health, World Health Organization

Past President, World Psychiatric Association

A testament of the success of our healthcare industry, people are living longer. But above living longer, it is important to help people live well longer. That is to be involved, valued, and respected – growing old with dignity.

“Dignity is our birth right. Upholding dignity is the raison d’etre of all programmes to uplift the human condition. Ageing with Dignity documents a ground study of dementia prevention for seniors. It points the way to a future where we will live a happier, healthier and more dignified life as we age.”

Professor Lim Soo Ping

Adjunct Faculty, Singapore Management University

Ageing with Dignity summarises 10 years of study on positive ageing and dementia prevention through community-based psychosocial programmes specifically curated for communities in Singapore. These interventions made up Mind Science Centre’s flagship programme: Age Well Everyday (AWE), with dignity as its pervasive theme.

 With a mission to promote active ageing in the community by the community for the community, AWE aims to empower people to take charge over their ageing.

This book is special in which it captures inexpensive and culture-specific programmes for dementia prevention.

“The Age Well Everyday Programme is a unique and outstanding programme, being evidence-based, creative, and very pragmatic. It holds enormous promise for the prevention of dementia, as well as fostering better mental health and resilience in older people.”

Professor Helen FK Chiu

Emeritus Professor, Department of Psychiatry,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Topics highlighted in Ageing with Dignity include mindfulness, art therapy, reminiscence therapy, choral singing, dancing, therapeutic gardens & rainforest, diet, smell loss, oral health, language, and memory. The book also discussed the use of smartphones in delivering such programmes and the importance of intergenerational relationships.

While rooted on scientific research, information in Ageing with Dignity is well-presented for the public at large. The chapters amply summarised key research findings and further translational potential of the aforementioned interventions in promoting positive ageing and preventing dementia.