2021 MAELab Art + Mind Residency Programme


MAELab, an initiative of Mind Science Centre (MSC),  is an innovative space for discovery of creative and integrative interventions through art, mindfulness and transdisciplinary research to promote mental wellness and enhance quality of mind in the different communities.  Through this space, we seek to raise awareness on mental health, evoke embodied reflective moments and provide an experiential journey that allows internalisation of learning with personal relevance.

MAELab is located at Alexandra Hospital and has a multipurpose flexible space for activities, workshops and exhibition. MAELab hopes to fund creative initiatives that demonstrate the benefit of the creative arts (music, visual arts, performance arts, dance and movement, literary arts, etc) in the community.

Research Theme

MAELab invites proposals investigating the intersection between arts, mindfulness and/or mental health in an experiential way that translate to a series of 2 – 6 workshops for the community.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Program Design
  • Research Relevance and Impact on Mind Science Centre’s goals
  • Strength of Program Evaluation protocol

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all artistic and mindfulness disciplines.  
  • Professional Category: Art practitioners, artists and creative arts therapists.  
  • Student Category: Student group, Post-graduate and PhD students  
  • All proposals must demonstrate the use of artistic engagement or mindfulness with community impact.

Funding Quantum and Duration



Student Category

Total Amount


*Additional $2,000 honorarium upon successful publication in journal with impact factor 1.5 and above (Post-Completion)


*Additional $1,000 honorarium  upon successful publication



6-9 months

3-6 months

Amount: $10,500*

*Additional $2,000 honorarium upon successful publication in journal with impact factor 1.5 and above (Post-Completion)

Duration: 6-9 months

Amount: $3,600

*Additional $1,000 honorarium  upon successful publication


Duration:  3-6 months


  • Conduct research including a methodology of  2 – 6 workshops for the community 
  • Professional Category: Write an evaluative or evidence-based research paper for publication. 
  • Student Category: Tie in proposal with dissertation 
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to showcase the community’s artistic endeavors in an exhibition, talks and/or performance.

Grant Call Schedule and Process


Collection of proposals

Award Residency

Workshop Implementation



31 January 2021

28 February 2021

March 2021 – May/June 2021

September/October 2021

Collection of proposals:
31 January 2021

Award Residency:
28 February 2021

Workshop Implementation:
March 2021 – May/June 2021

September/October 2021

*Upon completion, MAELab will evaluate all selected projects for feasibility towards an arts or educational exhibition, talks, workshops or performance in MAELab

Submission Mode and Deadline

The application will consist of the following:

1. A Proposal:
  • Briefly summarize your key qualifications for this project (i.e., special training, similar experiences, fluencies, or expertise). 
  • Concept, plan and implementation  
  • Describe the short and long term community benefits that will result from your proposed community residence program. How will this residence benefit or resonate with your own artistic development? 
  • Describe the participants and audience to be served by the project and any other relevant information. 
  • Describe how you intend to collaborate with your chosen community.  
  • Include the amount of time, materials and money you estimate will be spent on experiential workshops. 
  • How will you generate an atmosphere that encourages artistic expression and ensures active participation? How will your culminating event tie together your proposed project? Describe the creative methods or innovative approaches that make your project unique. 
  • How will you evaluate your project? What specific methods will you use to gauge the success of your project?

2. Timeline – Timeline of project, listing the dates, topics and objectives of each session.

3. Community Venue Proposal Letter –The community organization’s name and mission; & current demographics. 

  • Any ongoing art programmes and cultural services at the facility; 
  • How the proposed residency project differs from the regular programs/services; 
  • The anticipated impact of the residency on the target audience;

4. Applicant/s’ Resume – Attach a current resume to the application which shows your community work, teaching experience, artistic accomplishments, education/training, degree(s) earned, and prior residency experience

*All applicants are to send  applications over to wan_yu_lee@nuhs.edu.sg by 31 Jan 2021.

Review Panel

The 2021 edition of MAELab’s Art + Mind Residency Grant Call was reviewed by MAELab’s Art Science Council, chaired by Ms Linda Neo, alongside Dr Donald Yeo, Ms Suenne Megan Tan, and Ms Loo Hwee Hwee. 

  • Ms Linda Neo, Chairperson, Art Science Council, and Co-Founder, Primz Gallery
  • Dr Donald Yeo, Clinical Neuropsychologist, KALL Psychological & Counselling Services
  • Ms Suenne Megan Tan, Director for Audience Development and Engagement, National Gallery Singapore
  • Ms Loo Hwee Hwee, Senior Art Therapist, Paediatric Psychological Services, National University Hospital

Awarded Projects

Project Reference

2021/Art Residency/ 01

2021/ Art Residency/ 02

Project Title

Arts-Based Program for Home-Based Care Dyads in Singapore

Arts & Mental Wellness Programmes to build Adolescents’ Resilience through emotional and visual literacy.- Strength Through Art.


Dr Daphna Arbell Kehila

Dr Daphna Arbell Kehila




Project Title: Arts-Based Program for Home-Based Care Dyads in Singapore

Awardee: Dr Daphna Arbell Kehila

Status: Published

Project Title: Arts & Mental Wellness Programmes to build Adolescents’ Resilience through emotional and visual literacy.- Strength Through Art.

Awardee: Dr Daphna Arbell Kehila

Status: On-going

Find out more on Dr Daphna Arbell Kehila’s Arts-Based Program for Home-Based Care Dyads in Singapore Here.

For Grant Recipients

  • The Principal Investigator  is required to submit a progress report at the midpoint of the estimated project duration.  The submission should be endorsed by the Principal Investigator. 
  • The award will be disbursed at 2 tranches, 50% on acceptance of award, and remaining 50% at mid-point on approved acceptance of project progress report by the Art Science Council.
  • Professional Category Publication Honorarium will only be disbursed if published in a journal with Impact Factor 1.5 and above.